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Recognizing Deteriorating Patient Condition in a Paediatric Setting 

When introducing early warning tools and systems, it's important to consider design, implementation and evaluation processes that include all relevant team members, as with any improvement opportunity. Meaningful consultation and contribution is key to implementing and sustaining improvement.  

The following tools and resources will assist you in recognizing and responding to the deteriorating patient condition in a paediatric setting. 

Bedside Paediatric Early Warning Systems 

The Hospital for Sick Children has implemented a bedside pediatric early warning system across their organization and has supported many other paediatric centers in doing the same. They would be happy to help your team. Please email Kristen Middaugh ( for more information.  

Additionally, if you would like to learn more about the paediatric rapid response processes, the teams at either IWK Health Care or the Children`s Hospital of Eastern Ontario would be happy to share their specialized pediatric outreach teams’ approach with you. Please contact Stacy Burgess ( at IWK Health Care, or either Christa Ramsay ( or Dr. Anna-Theresa Lobos ( at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario to learn more.

SIGNS Communications Toolkit

Use this communications toolkit to promote the SIGNS resource to Spot Severe Illness in Infants, Children & Adolescents. It contains key messages, posts to share on social media and a story for newsletters. The more people we reach, the more we can improve safety, care and well-being for all involved.

SIGNS Free Digital Downloads

Access free digital resources to promote the SIGNS resource to Spot Severe Illness in Infants, Children & Adolescents resource at your organization and on social media. Download a variety of images to use on social media, your website, through email, at your school, community setting, health and care facility.  

Printable Posters

Downloadable Images

TeamSTEPPS Canada ™ 

Seventy percent of all preventable harm events experienced by patients are linked to a breakdown in communication. TeamSTEPPS Canada Essentials Course helps healthcare organizations optimize patient care by improving communication and teamwork skills among healthcare professionals, including point-of-care staff. The TeamSTEPPS Canada Essentials course is built on an evidence-based framework to optimize performance across the healthcare delivery system. It consists of five key principles: team structure, communication, leading teams, situational monitoring and mutual support.