Whole Systems Integrated Care Toolkit

Country: UK
Publication date:

This toolkit is produced by the North West London Whole Systems Integrated Care (WISC) programme. It is a regularly updated document that combines the insight of over 200 individuals and organizations building better coordinated care through aiming to empower patients to direct their own care, place GPs at the center of organizing this care, and ensure that the systems enable and support this process. It is intended for commissioners, providers, and communities across health and social-care who are working toward a vision of person-centered whole systems integrated care. The toolkit consists of 12 chapters: 1. Introduction; 2. Vision and case for change; 3. How do we ensure people and carers are involved throughout? 4. What population groups do we include? 5. What are the outcomes to be delivered? 6. How do we innovate a new model of care working with users and carers? 7. How can we commission integrated care? 8. How can commissioners align provider incentives? 9. How should General Practitioner (GP) networks be developed? 10. How will provider networks develop and support new models of care? 11. What informatics functionality will we need? 12. Glossary