Stewarding Regional Health Transformation: A Guide for Changemakers

Organization: ReThink Health
Country: USA
Publication date:

"This guide provides a pathway for teams creating and redesigning local health systems for better healthcare and economic prosperity in their region. In order for change to occur, decision makers must create long-term structures for active engagement of all relevant participants, including residents. This guide will help to: • Bring to the table the right kind and mix of leaders to act together as stewards of a change process • Establish shared values and elevate aspirations for better health • Engage residents in stewardship functions for the long run • Encourage individuals to step outside their own organizational boundaries • Design and lead stewardship teams that develop the legitimate authority to steer the system • Build stewardship structures for the long haul and adapt them over time as the effort progresses • Anticipate the challenges that will arise from progress and act collaboratively to address them In addition, it also includes video presentations, case studies and examples of groups who are effectively implementing strategies toward patient engagement. The additional tools will further facilitate the planning and implementation of a transformed system. "