"Mapping patient journeys is an essential tool to reduce delays and highlight improvements for patients and staff. This technique separates and maps out procedures and work processes that: • Directly benefit patients (hands on time, decision making) • Supports the benefit of patients (eg staff training) • Does not benefit patients (eg time spent looking for something that isn't in the right place) The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement webpage on Process Mapping – An Overview provides information on: 1. What is patient journey mapping? 2. How to use process mapping 3. When process mapping works best 4. Examples of process mapping techniques including: • Process mapping - alternatives ways to conventional process mapping • Process templates • Walkthrough a patient journey • Spaghetti diagram • Value added steps • A picture of time and resources (process templates) required by a single patient • Reviewing the patient pathway; mapping your last ten patients - using patient files and records • Getting patient perspectives • Care pathway analysis 5. Helpful resources and tools The NHS Institute’s library of quality and service improvement tools is a resource for both clinical and operational staff looking to improve their knowledge of tried-and-tested tools and techniques for improving patient care."