Patient and Family Engagement in Hospital Planning and Improvement

Country: Canada
Publication date:

"This casebook shares real-world accounts of patient (and family) engagement (henceforth, PE) in hospital planning and improvement gathered from patient/family advisors, patient engagement managers, clinicians and corporate executives at hospitals of different types and sizes featuring a high level of PE. By sharing experiential knowledge, casebooks supplement evidence-informed knowledge or address gaps in such knowledge, enabling users to learn from a plethora of diverse initiatives, and choose and tailor those strategies to their own context. This casebook includes 40 cases: Organized primarily by type of initiative: Develop or renew organizational policies/strategies, Evaluate strategies/programs, Develop strategies/programs, Plan or improve facilities/amenities, and Develop resources for patients/families Each case offers detail on: • Hospital type (<100 beds, 100+ beds, teaching) • Participant type (Patient/Family Advisors, PE Managers, Clinicians, Corporate Executives) • Engagement type (consultation, collaboration, blended approach) • Initiative topic, goal and timeline • Patient engagement strategies • Challenges, success factors and impact Cases are preceded by an overall summary of key findings across all cases including PE structures, PE approaches, strategies to optimize PE, challenges to PE and corresponding solutions, essential elements of hospital capacity for PE, and impacts of PE. This resource is only available in English."