Patient and Family Advisory Councils: A Hospital Toolkit to Engage Patients

"This guide provides a step-by-step approach for planning, designing and implementing a patient and family advisory council (PFAC). There are tools for supporting organizations at each of the following steps so organizations at different levels of implementation are able to use the guide: • Step 1: Establish a Sense of Urgency: Is My Hospital Ready to Engage in PFAC? • Step 2: Create a PFAC Launch Team • Step 3: Develop a PFAC Strategy • Step 4: Prepare Hospital Leadership, Clinicians and Staff to Work with Advisors • Step 5: Recruit Patients • Step 6: Implement and Coordinate Advisor Activities • Step 7: Share your Story: Keeping Engagement Alive • Step 8: How to Utilize PFAC: Incorporating Culture Changes Although focused on patient and family advisory councils, the tools within the guide can also be applied to patient safety advisory councils. "