Rethinking Patient Safety Action Series

Open to teams across the care continuum, this Action Series is designed to broaden your understanding of safety; empower you to adopt a proactive safety approach; and enhance your organization's patient safety culture.

Program overview :

  • Rethinking Patient Safety Action Series

It is about Rethinking Patient Safety and builds upon a new approach championed by Healthcare Excellence Canada that promotes the creation of safety and expands the perception of harm to include physical and psychological harms, including those caused by culturally unsafe care.   Throughout, it embraces asking, exploring and acting.

Over four months, between January and April 2024, participants will attend three virtual learning sessions, each followed by an action period to apply learnings collectively as a team. Teams will then share their learnings and actions at a closing congress.

Why participate?

Despite its importance, patient safety has taken a backseat in recent years, overshadowed by other healthcare priorities.    

Change is urgently needed across the care continuum.  Together, through this Action Series, we will delve into new and impactful strategies and collectively spark meaningful action towards safer care for all.

By participating in this Action Series you will:

  • Gain access to coaching, mentoring and pan-Canadian peer-to-peer learning.
  • Gain access to tools and resources to support safer care.
  • Enhance your understanding of a new proactive approach to safety.
  • Expand your understanding of harm.
  • Foster the presence of safety and enhance the patient safety culture in your organization.
"We started out in the safety world really worrying about past harm and I think that was really important because it raised peoples' understanding about the magnitude of the safety issues. But it is insufficient because people don't go to work thinking about past incidents; they go to work thinking about the patients they are going to see today. So that is part of the shift now … putting safety into a much more relevant context."  Dr. G. Ross Baker, PhD, Institute of Health Policy Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto
“Patient safety affects everybody, and everyone has a say in their own safety…Expanding our definition of safety beyond physical harm is huge. Looking through the lens of psychological safety may not fit our traditional definition of safety, but it really impacts how a resident or staff member feels.” Jolene Szybunka, Manager, Area 4 Seniors Health, Alberta Health Services and Crystal Browne, Director of Clinical Operations, Area 4, Alberta Health Services.

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