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Stories from the field: Inclusive Engagement

Date and time: May 2, 2023, 12:00 – 1:00 pm ET
Location: Zoom

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This webinar featured two examples of initiatives designed to address inequity in healthcare organizations and systems: the UNITE project and Equity-Mobilizing Partnerships in Community (EMPaCT). This virtual learning event focused on:

  • How recognizing intersecting identities is key to understanding the complexity of individual healthcare experiences and enabling meaningful engagement.
  • How prioritizing relationships and creating a sense of community helps foster safe spaces for people to share their lived experiences and provide meaningful input.
  • Storytelling as a powerful tool for challenging stereotypes and stigma, and improving the way care is provided.



  • Katie Mai (she/her), Senior Leader, Patient Experience and Community Engagement, BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services 
  • Laura “LT” Todd, Patient Partner, BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services
  • Ambreen Sayani, Scientist, Women’s College Research Institute; Scientific lead, Equity-Mobilizing Partnerships in Community (EMPaCT); Health Equity Expert Advisor to the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer  
  • Alies Maybee, Patient Partner, Equity-Mobilizing Partnerships in Community (EMPaCT)


  • Denise McCuaig, Executive Director, Healthcare Transformation and Capacity Building  
  • Carol Fancott, Director, Patient Safety, Equity and Engagement