Working Together for Better Care: Benefits of Health and Social Care Partnerships

Our most pressing challenges in healthcare require focused, constructive discussions. Sharing openly and listening to diverse perspectives and experiences. At Healthcare Excellence Canada, we’ve developed the Spotlight Series to do just that.

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May 29, 2024, 12 pm – 1:30 pm (ET)

Health and social care partnerships provide a unique opportunity to address complex health and social needs. With social determinants of health, such as employment and housing, accounting for 30-55 percent of health outcomes (World Health Organization), there’s been a call in this country to engage with sectors beyond health to improve equitable access to care.

Join us on May 29 as our panel of health and social care experts—from leaders to providers to people with lived experiences—shares the impact of these partnerships and how their experiences of working together makes a difference.

All registrants will have access to a recording and a list of resources on health and social care partnerships after the event, which will be posted on the HEC website.

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  • Jill Gerke, Director, Regional Community Programs, Island Health 
  • Nikki Page, Manager, Housing and Shelters, Victoria Cool Aid Society 
  • Nikki George, Director of Indigenous Health Policy, Health Equity and System Transformation, Ontario Health West Region 
  • Louise Bird, Patient Partner/Caregiver 


Tanya MacDonald, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Programs, Healthcare Excellence Canada