Have some EXCELLENT insights?

Want to be part of defining what excellence in healthcare means? 

Healthcare Excellence Canada was born of a belief that everyone in Canada deserves excellent healthcare. And we’re not there yet 

So, as we come together, we need people and organizations – from every community, right across the country – to raise their voices and join us.  

What does excellence in healthcare look like to you?  

Let’s get started. Together! 

Excellence sits at the heart of our new name for a reason. Its a standard we strive towards. A calling that demands action and inclusion. A goal we define together –  across boundaries and silos, working through the messiness and uncertainty of a global pandemic. 

And we really need you to be part of this conversation 

ItVERY important that in defining healthcare excellence, we hear from every community, from every experience and from every perspective. You can share your experience however you feel comfortable. Send us a short video, an email, a tweet, a note or a photo (or whatever works for you)Submissions can be sent to communications@hec-esc.ca or provided on any of our social media channels. We will feature select submissions (with full permission only, of course) on our channels and together, keep this conversation going!  

Did someone say free mug? 

YES! We want to say thank you for taking time to help usSo, if you send us your excellent insights, well get back to you with all the info you need to effortlessly get your very own HEC you’re on mute and we want to hear from you mug.