Program overview :

Patients Engaging Government; A guide for patient partners to advance patient safety

As patients, we are important advocates for safer care because we have first-hand experiences in the healthcare system. 

We are compelling spokespeople when we share our experiences and respectfully point out gaps, holes, concerns, or flaws that others might not see and may cause harm to patients. Patients Engaging Government was developed as a resource to assist PFPSC members and the public in their efforts to advocate for safer healthcare in Canada. 

 Through our understanding of best practices, our ideas and insight, and our suggestions for improvements, we can effectively engage with governments to make healthcare safer. 

 This guide provides detailed information on how to communicate effectively with elected and government officials. It includes strategies, resources, and tools so our patient voice can be heard, our calls to action can be understood, and partnerships with patients can be formed. Together, we can take appropriate steps to improve safety in healthcare.