Enhanced Recovery Canada, Putting patients first, improving patient safety

Enhanced Recovery Canada

Enhanced Recovery Canada™ (ERC) is helping lead the drive to improve surgical safety in Canada. Our evidence-informed clinical pathways and patient resources for some of the most common surgeries in Canada help patients feel better and return home quicker.

Program overview :

Data shows that the protocols behind ERC’s surgical pathways have reduced surgical complications and hospital stays by up to 50 percent, all while readmissions and costs are reduced. This is vital given the pressures facing healthcare systems across the country.

Enhanced recovery approaches also improve patient and healthcare provider experiences by helping clinicians and patients work as a coordinated team.

Resources for healthcare providers and leaders

Based on Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) surgical best practices, we’ve developed clinical pathways for procedures that touch every operating room across the country including:

These pathways support a multidisciplinary team approach focused on all stages of the patient’s journey, from pre-admission to post discharge. They can be used by surgeons, anaesthesiologists, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists and other healthcare providers involved in delivering surgical care, as well as healthcare leaders and policy makers.

Resources for patients

Patients, their family members and other caregivers have an important role to play in making sure surgeries are a success. That’s why patient and family engagement is a core pillar of Enhanced Recovery Canada.

We’ve developed easy-to-use patient resources that explain how to prepare for surgery and what you can do to feel better and safer, in the hospital and at home. Explore ERC’s patient and caregiver resources for the following surgeries:

About Enhanced Recovery Canada

Led by Healthcare Excellence Canada and partners, ERC was formed in 2017 to lead the drive to improve surgical safety across the country. This evidence-based approach to surgical care is aimed at minimizing the stress of surgery and supporting patients to recover quickly.

Learn more about Enhanced Recovery Canada and the ERAS approach.