Canadian Patient Safety Week 2024 Communications Guide: Share, Engage, Connect

October 28-November 1, 2024 |

Organized by Healthcare Excellence Canada, Canadian Patient Safety Week (CPSW) is an annual campaign to inspire extraordinary improvements in healthcare safety and quality. This year, for CPSW 2024, we’re focusing on broadening our understanding of healthcare harm.

We’re asking you to help us spread the word that CPSW is coming and encourage people to participate. Sharing about CPSW on social media, by email or on your website (like your events page, if you have one) are all great options. We've put together a guide to make this as easy as possible.

Stay tuned for an updated version of this guide, to be released closer to September, with more CPSW content and calls-to-action to share with your audiences.

Social media

We’ve made it easy for you to post about CPSW 2024 on your social media channels. Feel free to copy and paste the content below or use it as inspiration for your own custom posts. Don’t forget to tag Healthcare Excellence Canada if you end up posting so we can share your content on our channels, too.

Campaign hashtags: #CPSW2024 #PatientSafety #UnderstandHarm

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Sample posts

Promote CPSW 2024

Ready to broaden your understanding of healthcare harm? We sure are! Healthcare Excellence Canada made it the theme for Canadian Patient Safety Week 2024. Healthcare harm matters to those receiving and delivering care. Learning to recognize and reduce healthcare harm is essential to creating safety for all. Find out more and register now:

Promote campaign registration

Canadian Patient Safety Week 2024’s theme is broadening our understanding of healthcare harm. Why is that important? Register now to find out more:

Promote the activity card

Harm experienced while receiving and delivering healthcare can go beyond the physical. How much do you think about psychological, social and spiritual injuries? Healthcare Excellence Canada developed an activity for Canadian Patient Safety Week 2024 to stimulate discussions and thoughtful reflections so that proactive actions can be taken to prevent harm and create safer care for all. Learn more about the activity:


You can use the graphics included with this toolkit on your website, in your communications and alongside your social media posts. Please do not alter these graphics, as they are part of the campaign’s visual identity.