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  • Safety at Home: A Pan-Canadian Home Care Study

Resources for family caregivers and clients 

Disclaimer: some of the information, facts and figures presented in this resource pertain to 2008 – 2013, and may not be up-to-date at time of viewing.   

The following resources help home care clients and their family caregivers improve safety at home. 

Resource guide on falls prevention 

This resource guide is intended to help clients and family caregivers find appropriate falls prevention resources available online from numerous national, provincial and regional organizations. This resource contains: 

  • falls prevention education – activity and exercise 
  • general falls prevention education 
  • identifying falls risk 
  • home and environmental safety 
  • clothing and footwear 
  • medication safety  
  • fall prevention interventions for specific client populations 
  • post-fall care 

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Resource guide for supporting caregivers at home 

This resource guide is intended to help family caregivers find resources to support them in their role and with the stress that often accompanies this role. This resource contains: 

  • general caregiver support tools 
  • identifying risk 
  • caregiver information for specific client populations (children, dementia, stroke, spinal cord injuries, long-distance caregiving, mental health, heart, cancer, palliative care, Parkinson’s disease and others) 

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