How to Successfully Engage Patients and Families: 10 Insights from Providers and Leaders

Through the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (now Healthcare Excellence Canada) collaboratives, healthcare providers and leaders provided 10 insights into what works for them to partner effectively with patients and families in their quality improvement initiatives.  

Patient-centred healthcare improvements and co-designing solutions with patients and families can give teams more diverse perspectives, greater insights and produce better outcomes than those gained if working on their own. 

Healthcare providers and leaders shared these 10 insights, distilled from their experience and learning when working together with patients and families (which you can download below to read in full): 

  1. Recognize the value of patient engagement. 
  2. Consider patients as members of the improvement team. 
  3. Work together to co-design improvements. 
  4. Engage patients early and involve them throughout the project. 
  5. Support and role model engagement. 
  6. Understand the experience of care through the eyes of patients. 
  7. Provide patients with on-going support. 
  8. Provide staff and physicians with on-going support. 
  9. Ensure your team has the proper resources to engage patients. 
  10. Evaluate your engagement efforts. 

Download the 10 Insights From Healthcare Providers and Leaders