Five Questions to Ask About Your Medications 

If you or a loved one take multiple medications or are transitioning between treatments, you want to know that you (or they) are doing so safely. You or your loved one may be at risk of fragmented care, adverse drug reactions and medication errors. To be an active partner in your health, you need the right information to use your medications safely. 

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (now HEC) teamed up with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada, Patients for Patient Safety Canada, the Canadian Pharmacists Association and the Canadian Society for Hospital Pharmacists to create a list of top questions to help patients and their caregivers have a conversation about medications with their healthcare provider. 

Use these five questions when you're: 

  • attending a doctor's appointment (for example, family physician or specialist, dentist, optometrist) 
  • interacting with a community pharmacist 
  • leaving the hospital to go home 
  • visited by home care services 

If you are a healthcare provider, please share this valuable resource with your patients. 

Download the five Questions to Ask About Your Medications PDF

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