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Section 2: Global Environmental Scan of Healthcare Worker Support Models

Through a survey and one-on-one interviews, we collected data about how and why organizations implemented a peer support program, details about the mandate, scope and policies, along with information about training, confidentiality and evaluation.  

This section outlines the results of a 2018 scoping review of peer support practices across Canada, the US and globally, based on global literature research led by the IWK Health Centre.  

It also includes a 2020 environmental scan we led in partnership with the Mental Health Commission of Canada broadening the scope of search to all healthcare worker support models and were not limited to peer support programs. The MHCC and HealthCareCAN consulted with healthcare organizations across Canada to define what unique chronic stressors exist in the healthcare sector. The scan included healthcare worker support models that have pertinence within the COVID-19 pandemic. The main research question for the 2020 scan was: Whathealthcare worker support modelshave beenimplementedacross Canada and internationallyin long term care, primary care,home care and acute care?