Acting on Real-Time Patient Reports to Improve Safety

In 2018, leading organizations in Canada invited, listened to and acted on feedback from patients in their care to improve the safety and quality of care. 

This webinar is designed and facilitated by patient and family partners, and is hosted by Patients for Patient Safety Canada. The session is a conversation among participants, contributing to the dialogue verbally or via chat.  

The webinar focused on three leading practices:  

  1. gathering patient experiences in real time 
  2. engaging patients and families in patient safety incident reporting 
  3. a real-time experience survey 

Explore the resources related to the webinar, including: the webinar recording, presentations and three leading practices.

Webinar recording

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Speakers, organizations and the three leading practices 

A leading practice is an innovative, people-centred, evidence-informed practice that has been implemented by teams in an organization. The leading practice has demonstrated a positive change related to safe and reliable, accessible, appropriate and integrated care or service. 

The webinar featured three organizations that brought forward their leading practices. 

  1. Kathy Kovacs Burns and Marian George, Alberta Health Services: Family Volunteers or Advisors Gathering Real-time Patient Experiences 
  2. Cathy Masuda and Leslie Louie, BC Childrens Hospital: Patient’s View: Engaging Patients and Families in Patient Safety Incident Reporting 
  3. Joshua Myers and Terry Brock, Fraser Health: We Want to Hear from You: Fraser Health Real-Time Experience Survey