Help us shape the future of quality and safety

March 22, 2021

Help us shape the future of quality and safety

Just three weeks ago, we launched Healthcare Excellence Canada with a call to action. Our CEO Jennifer Zelmer called on everyone committed to excellence in healthcare to join us in shaping the future of quality and safety. Today we’re announcing the latest opportunity for you to do just thatTake a short survey to help us set a course for the new organization and our shared goal of widespread and lasting improvement in patient safety and all the dimensions of healthcare excellence.  

Take the survey 

Healthcare Excellence Canada is a new organization with a relentless focus on improving healthcare, with – and for – everyone in Canada. We’re developing an inaugural strategy so we’ve started to talk to people across the country to explore their priorities and how we can support them. If you’re committed to safety and quality in healthcare, then we want to hear from you: patient and essential care partners; healthcare and social service providers Indigenous partners and organizations; governments; coaches and faculty and improvement teams; and many other people and organizations. 

Working with many of you as the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, we achieved a LOT. Hundreds of teams and thousands of people in every province and territory helped to move the dial on patient safety and healthcare quality. But there is much more to do. Unintended harm in the health sector is a leading cause of death in Canada, and there are gaps in patient experience and outcomes, care team well-being, and value. 

Nearly 1000 people signed up for our March 3, 2021 launch eventand hundreds joined our panel that day in a stellar discussion on some of the questions we want to ask you through the survey: 

  • What healthcare issues are top of mind as you look three to five years into the future? 
  • What are your priorities for the new organization? 
  • What ONE new thing do you hope the new organization can do? 
  • What would you hate to lose from CFHI & CPSI? 

Many others have already joined in the conversation on social media using the hashtag #ExcellenceTogether or by emailing to let us know what excellence in healthcare means to them. Have a specific priority you’d like to tackle together? Want to make sure we don’t lose sight of important work we undertook as CPSI and CFHI? Have your say. The survey only takes about 15 minutes to complete and will close April 29, 2021, so don’t miss this chance to shape the future of quality and safety together. Many others have already joined in the conversation on social media using the hashtag #ExcellenceTogether or by emailing to let us know what excellence in healthcare means to them. 

We look forward to continuing these conversations with everyone who shares our commitment to healthcare excellence as we develop a new strategy for the organization. In the meantime, we’re not slowing downmany familiar CPSI and CFHI programs will continue in 2021 and 2022 as new opportunities are rolled out. Together we can deliver lasting improvement in patient safety and experience, work life of healthcare providers, value for money and the health of everyone in Canada.